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Looking to make a difference?

We’re tired of watching our friends and our world hurt.

We’re here to connect you with an empowered digital community of risk-takers, way-makers, and ground-shakers like yourself.

We want to lead others to

Ask questions that matter.

Ask questions that matter.

Have real one-on-one conversations.

Have real one-on-one conversations.

Discover who Jesus is in their life, not just in others' lives.

Discover who Jesus is in their life, not just in others' lives.

And help each other grow and own our faith.

And help each other grow and own our faith.

Be Adventure

No, it’s not a typo.

You are made for adventure; Jesus intended it that way.

With us, the Adventure starts digitally, but it continues in real life.

The GoVoke Tour brings a vintage VW van to you and your church.

In a one-night event, learn from our ambassadors’ stories of faith and start sharing your own.


How to Use Voke

Choose an adventure.

Meant to spark conversations that matter, Adventures are a string of short-films that tie together bigger conversations on faith, culture and life.

2. Bring a friend.

In a Duo Adventure, invite a friend to go with you. Keep the conversation going to unlock the next video in the series.

3. Watch videos.

Ever had an idea, but you didn’t know how to express it? Use these videos to make talking about your faith easier, effective and engaging.

4. Grow together.

Pro tip: your story of what Jesus has done in your life isn’t just for you. Your friends need your story. Inspire and learn to make a difference in the world by going with just one person today!



  • O Voke é ótimo para começar a conversar sobre temas que, normalmente, as pessoas não têm coragem de falar.

    Liam Savage
    Liam Savage
    United States
  • Voke é uma maneira maravilhosa de iniciar conversas realmente interessantes! Eu amo o fato de que meus amigos podem assistir aos vídeos e conversar comigo mesmo que eles não tenham baixado o aplicativo.

    Mariana Pando
    Mariana Pando
  • Uma ferramenta incrível para alcançar meus amigos. Realmente gosto do modo como eles não precisam estar usando o aplicativo para que eu consiga me conectar com eles. Posso enviar conteúdo para vários amigos ao mesmo tempo e gerenciar as conversas.

    Aaron Thomson
    Aaron Thomson
    New Zealand


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christian app voke download
christian app voke download


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